Best Clubs in Miami in 2019 [Updated]

Updated on August 8, 2019

Miami is known for its night lifestyle and buzzing activities. It is no secret that this city’s exotic lifestyle attracts millions of tourists. Looking for groovy spots where you can relax and have fun? Miami is home to a lot of glamorous nightclubs and hot spots. Here are some of best clubs in Miami [in no particular order]:

What are the Best Clubs in Miami?

Best clubs in Miami

1# Club Space

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Space has won multiple awards like Best Dance Club in 2019 and Located in downtown Miami,

Club Space is considered one of the best dance clubs with resident DJs Ms Mada, Danyelino and Thunderpony.

Its amazing music makes it a good choice for party animals who want to have a good time. Club Space equally has wonderful light effects which put you in the mood to get down and party.

Unlike a lot of clubs in Miami, this club does not have a strict dress code.

You do not have to overdress. However, it is advisable to dress classy in order not to feel awkward. Club Space is usually open every Saturday night and stays open all night. In most cases, it stays open till about afternoon on Sundays or Mondays!

Different DJs perform at Club Space. However, on nights where DJs names like Solomun, Loco Dice, Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones,Nicole Moudaber and Dubfire are playing for example in Miami Music Week, the admission fee goes way up.

If you are looking for a nightclub where you can be in 35 hours marathon sets and witness B2B2B, Club Space is the spot for you.


2# Treehouse

Ever been to an underground club or bar?

Treehouse is an underground nightclub where you can enjoy deep house music. With its unique decor and lighting, it gives you the feeling of a house party.

It’s located in Miami Beach, this is an awesome nightclub where you can enjoy different kinds of music every weekend.

Different DJs perform each weekend and the music genre ranges from deep house music to techno or trance music.

Treehouse is open from Wednesday through Sunday. However, it is best to visit during the weekend in order to get the best experience.

It has a flexible and simple dress code. As such, you can dress simply and casually. The legal age for admission into Treehouse is 21. Thus, you would be denied entry if you are not up to 21 years old.

Treehouse is the perfect club for lovers of deep house and Techno music.


3# Do Not Sit On The Furniture

Do Not Sit On The Furniture Miami

Interesting name for a club, huh? Well, Do Not Sit operates by its mantra. This club offers music so amazing that you do not dare sit on the furniture. Located in South Beach, Do Not Sit is an intimate casual club where you can groove to good music. It was opened by DJ Behrouz and DJ Will Renuart. Do Not Sit is quite different from other clubs in Miami. Unlike other clubs, it does not focus on exclusivity and high clientele. Rather, it focuses on good music, dancing and an amazing atmosphere. It has an imaginative and exciting atmosphere.

This unique nightclub is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The dress code is flexible. As such, you can turn up in a simple outfit and sneakers. Thus, if you need an intimate atmosphere where you can have fun, Do Not Sit is the right place.


4# E11EVEN

Looking for a club that effectively captures Miami’s buzzing nightlife? Look no further! E11EVEN is an upscale nightclub that focuses on giving a great show every night. This club has different functions, depending on the time of the day. During the day, it functions as a day club with a lounge. At night, it completely transforms into a show club with elaborate performances and entertainment.

One beautiful aspect of E11EVEN is its interior decor. It has a rooftop deck where you can catch a break from all the partying. This exotic club features numerous theatrical performances. It also features dancers in elaborate and sophisticated costumes. The atmosphere is thrilling and unique. E11EVEN is open all days of the week. However, it becomes busier and packed during the weekends. The dress code at E11EVEN is quite strict. As such, you would need to dress upscale and sophisticated. You could get turned away for being under dressed. E11EVEN is an upscale club for people who want a different dimension of clubbing.


5# Floyd

If you are a lover of classy, sophisticated clubs, then Floyd is the right place for you. Located in Downtown Miami, this club is not one of the regular Miami clubs. Floyd is famous for its classic cocktails. This extraordinary club serves cocktails to its clientele. Its calm, classy environment sets it apart from most clubs in Miami. Floyd Miami equally offers live music performances where people can enjoy quality music. It offers an exciting and new experience for its clientele.

The general waiting time at Floyd is between 10-25 minutes. This club is open from Thursdays through Saturdays. Since Floyd is an upscale club, the dress code is strict. To get admitted into Floyd, you need to dress sophisticated. Sportswear and casual outfits are highly prohibited. Thus, your outfit should be classy and upscale in order to blend in with the environment.


6# Story

This nightclub is located at 136 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. Story offers you the ultimate nightlife experience. With a large and spacious venue, Story boasts of a creative decor. Its lighting effects are designed in concert style. On most nights, it has a circus theme. Similarly, it has an impressive sound system designed to feed clubbers with amazing music and sound. Story also provides its clientele with sophisticated bottle service. At Story, there are numerous exclusive VIP tables for its high clientele.

The type of music played at Story ranges from EDM to the latest hip hop music. It also features hot performances from top DJs. To fit in with the elite crowd at Story, you need to dress to impress. Thinking of visiting Story? This club is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. However, it is usually packed with action during the weekend.


7# LIV

This is one of the hottest and most entertaining clubs in Miami. LIV has over 18,000 square feet of unique architecture. It has a unique and breathtaking design. In the same vein, LIV boasts of a high-profile guest list. Want to sight a few celebrities? This club offers a lot of celebrity sightings. At LIV, you can get an up close view of all your favorite celebrities. With its interior decor, guest list and impressive service, LIV offers a unique and exclusive experience.

Its music is just as impressive. The club offers a variety of music and live performances. Its dance floor is large enough to accommodate its throng of clientele.

For people who prefer VIP treatment, LIV provides private skyboxes. The club is open on Wednesdays through Sundays, from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM. However, it is better to get tickets beforehand so as to reduce cost and waiting time.


8# The Electric Pickle

The Electric Pickle Miami

In comparison with other clubs in Miami, Electric Pickle is quite small. This nightclub hosts about 300 people in two rooms and an outdoor patio. However, its small size does not depict low quality. Electric Pickle was specifically designed to promote intimacy, especially between couples. This quaint nightclub is not just about drinking and dancing. Electric Pickle creates room for creativity and expression of self. At this club, anything goes. It has a number of renowned DJs who play quality music each night. The quality of music, combined with the intimate environment helps to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Electric Pickle is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Its opening hours are 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. As a result of its small size, it can be quite hard to get into this club. Only early birds and special guests are granted admission. Thinking of visiting Electric Pickle? Endeavor to book your tickets beforehand.


9# Wall

This is one of the most exclusive clubs in Miami Beach. Crafted with the best designs imaginable, Wall is almost impenetrable. It has a hosting capacity of about 300-450. It’s small size makes it quite exclusive. As such, only the elite clientele are allowed in. This club offers bottle service and table services as well. All the tables are close to the dance floor. Thus, you do not miss any of the action.

Celebrity sightings are very frequent at Wall because the club is a favorite getaway for most celebrities. Wall offers a variety of deep house and electronic music.

Wall is usually open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The opening time lasts from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM. However, Fridays and Saturdays offer the best experience. Since Wall is an upscale and exclusive club, the dress code is strict. You need to dress sophisticated in order to avoid being turned away.


10# Rockwell

Looking to get a real taste of the famous Miami nightlife? Rockwell club offers you the ultimate experience. One of the top exclusive clubs in South Beach, Rockwell is a favorite club for most celebrities. It was launched by Chris Paciello and is a mixture of exclusivity and sophistication. Rockwell offers a mixture of recent hip hop music and live performances. Famous for its Monday night performances, this club offers you the best musical experience in Miami. At Rockwell, you never know what to expect. The music varies from 80s pop music to the most recent hip hop performances. New hip hop artistes also perform at this high-end club.

Rockwell also offers bottle and table services. The tables are close to the dance floor, thus ensuring that you get every bit of the action.

With a capacity of only 500 people, it is hard to get in as an average Joe. Rockwell caters mainly to the elite. Thus, you would need to dress upscale in order to fit in and gain admission. If you want a mixture of sophistication and hospitality, Rockwell is the right place for you.


11# Wynwood Factory

One of the top Wynwood clubs, this structure is a combination of an event space and a nightclub. It is owned by Louis Puig. The Wynwood Factory was designed to promote the music and entertainment scene in Wynwood. This club offers guests quality music and sound. It is also quite spacious as it consists of three large rooms and an outdoor terrace. However, only two rooms are open to guests.

At Wynwood Factory, the drinks are cheap. The club has three different bars that serve drinks. It also has bottle service and a separate VIP area. The cover charge is often set at $15.

Wynwood Factory is famous for its topnotch service and quality music. Thus, if you are looking for a club that offers quality service and great music, this is the one for you.


12# Basement

This adult playground was designed by Ian Schrager. Basement Miami consists of a large ice rink, a bowling alley and a lot of amazing features. The combination of these features gives guests a mind-blowing experience. Unlike some other top clubs in Miami, Basement is not exclusive. Rather, it focuses on inclusivity. Thus, anyone can visit this exciting nightclub. This nightclub offers a whole new world of experiences. It is fitted with a topnotch sound system as well as dramatic lighting. Its lighting system and effects were designed by the world famous expert, Patrick Woodroffe. At this club, you can enjoy amazing performances from topnotch DJs with quality sound. Basement is open on Fridays to Sundays, from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, it is open from 5:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

Basement Miami also has an extensive champagne list. You can get any drink you require at this club. Bottle and table services are equally available.

How to Get Into Best Nightclubs in Miami

Miami has a large number of clubs. Most of these clubs cater only to the elite. As such, getting into them can be quite difficult. Want to gain entrance into one of Miami nightclubs? Here are some tips to help you:

Book a table

Reserving a table is a good way to ensure that you get into any club. Sure, this option is more expensive. However, it definitely beats standing in line and getting turned away at the door. The doormen are less likely to turn you away if you book a table ahead of time.

Dress to impress

Miami clubs want only one thing: classy, sophisticated clientele. For you to get into the club, you need to dress the part. Dress to impress. Casual outfits would probably get you turned away. The key is to dress classy and sophisticated but simple. If your outfit is exceptional, you would most likely get in.

Act sophisticated

It is not enough to dress sophisticated. You equally need to show it as well. Picking fights while standing on the line could get you kicked out. Be calm. Talk politely to the doormen. This would help you get into the club as soon as possible.

Be early

Want to gain entrance into nightclubs? Be there on time! Clubs are usually packed with throngs of people seeking entrance. To stay above this competition, it is advisable that you be there on time. Showing up late would make it harder for you to gain entrance.

Clubs are all over Miami. Trying to get into one can be quite difficult. However, with these tips, you’re well on your way to gaining entrance into any club.