From Locals: 20 Things You Need To Know Before Moving to Miami

Well, it’s no news that Miami is a city that a lot of people dream of visiting and few times want to live in. Miami is most famous for its warm weather, popular beaches, tons of pool parties, hot people, cool clubs and so on. Who wouldn’t want to get used to this Miami lifestyle? One thing we need to note is that Miami has all these things but that isn’t all there is to the city. Are you planning on moving to Miami? Well, that’s great but it’s necessary that you get enough information about what it’s like living in Miami?


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Living in Miami Beach from what you might have heard or gathered while visiting previously might seem like it’s all about fun. They have great cocktails, parties, clubs, and food but there’s more to Miami than those. These are just a few facts about the Miami lifestyle. Just imagine that you move to Miami, you certainly wouldn’t want to spend all your money on fun stuff. You’ll have to eat, get accommodation, and pay bills. You certainly didn’t think that you would just get free drinks, free entry to parties or stuff like that right? If you did then you need to change that view because it’s not going to happen.

Miami Lifestyle The Basics Before Moving to Miami

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Settling down in Miami can be quite easy because there’s a lot of part-time jobs so you can work and pay bills. In this article, we will be looking at 20 things that you need to know about living in Miami. With this information, you will get insights about how they party so much and still pay bills. You will also get to know what counts as normal to the Miamians. Learning things they do for good reasons and things to avoid will help you cope in Miami.

1# Living In Miami Is Affordable

Good news If you’re thinking about moving to Miami. It’s not wrong to say that living in Miami is affordable because people that earn averagely still get reasonable prices for things. For example, food, houses, car rentals, and so on can be gotten at cheap prices. There’s just so many things to do and pay for which is why most products and services are affordable. On the other hand, there are some really expensive areas where the ‘rich people’ reside. In these places, the cost of living is definitely higher because there are a lot of high-class people living there. You can decide to check out affordable and safe areas in Miami before moving over.

2# Job Payment Is Quite Low

It’s not a new fact that job payment whether part-time or full-time is quite low. It’s a little bit understandable because services are needed a lot. The truth is that they just can’t afford to pay workers highly. This is also one of the reasons why the cost of living isn’t outrageous. Moving to Miami, you’ll need to be able to work more than two jobs to live comfortably. Miamians know this which is why you find them working different jobs just to afford certain things. It’s their Miami lifestyle and in no time you’ll get used to it.  It is also advisable to get a job before you relocate and moving to Miami.

3# Most Miamians Speak Spanish

It’s not compulsory to know how to speak Spanish but learning a few slangs and words will benefit you. Also, it’ll help you fit in quickly because most Miamians speak Spanish and you definitely want to fit in fast. In a situation where you don’t understand what’s being talked about, it’ll help. You don’t have to learn the whole thing besides; knowing a little Spanish would hide the fact that you’re new to miami lifestyle.

4# They get A lot Of Tourists

A lot of people see things about Miami from movies and hear from people that live there. They get so attracted to the city and decide to tour and see for themselves. We all know that most married couples decide to spend their honeymoon in Miami because of how beautiful it is. Tourists want to taste Miami’s famous cuisines and cocktail, see the sea and the sand, and also visit amazing clubs. Well, the locals don’t really love the tourists because they get them a lot and it makes traffic more intense.

5# They Have Serious Traffic

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Due to the way tourist lock into Miami frequently, it has definitely added to the size of the city. With everyone trying to move around all the time, the traffic is definitely something to be scared of. This is why Miamians move around with cold beer because coupled with the heat; being stuck in traffic is frustrating. Miamians have a lot of tricks they use to help them feel alright despite some annoying and inevitable situations.

6# Most Businesses Open Late

One good thing about moving to Miami if Looking to get breakfast around 6 am will be almost impossible because most commercial businesses open late. Miamians are fond of partying late and waking up late. Miamians know how difficult eating out early is.  Well, some of them make sure that cooking ingredients are available at home at all times. While some Miamians have gotten so used to living in Miami that they have gotten used to eating late.

7# They Have The Lit Clubs!

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Miami is well known for its amazing clubs that everyone would love to gain entry. When talking about Miami lifestyle, clubbing cannot be left out because it’s a major aspect and Miamians are used to it. Moving to Miami, you will definitely go to clubs to have fun and meet new people. It’s a good spot to make new friends. The clubs are amazing and they’re so lit that most people don’t leave till its 3 AM or later.

8# The Sun Isn’t Always Friendly

It’s a known fact that it doesn’t snow in Miami and that their weather can go from warm to hot. It gets really unbearable sometimes which is why sunglasses are necessary. The sunlight can be nice sometimes and just hit the skin gently. But at other times, it’s blazing hot on the skin can cause sine skin irritations. This is another reason why they hang out at the beach a lot or at the pool. Miamians have gotten used to the sunlight that they move around carrying sunscreen and wearing really light clothes.

9# They Have Really Serious Rainstorms

When it’s not sunny, it’s raining heavily and scary thunderstorms start. If you’re new to Miami, you probably freak out whenever you hear the thunder. It sounds as if an earthquake is happening really close by. Being used to this, Miamians stay indoors and carry out activities, to distract them from paying attention to the storm.

10# They Have Lots Of Friends

It’s almost impossible to find a person that doesn’t have at least 20 friends in Miami. Miami is a city where most times to get some things, you need to know people. This is why they love going out a lot to clubs, parties, and bars because they love meeting new people.

11# They Have Bad Neighborhoods Too

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The Miami lifestyle can be dangerous sometimes too. Miami isn’t all glitz and glamour all around. There are neighborhoods where you can walk alone at 2 am but there are some neighborhoods where you can’t. Walking out around 11 pm in some areas is really dangerous and should be avoided. The best thing is to just stay in areas which match with your schedule. They steal, nab, and hurt people in some tough neighborhoods so if you know that you walk late then avoid them. Also, staying close to friends who work close to you is advisable too. The cost of living is affordable enough to get good neighborhoods.

12# They Have Really Good Food

Miami is known to have really fresh and delicious foods. One thing that’ll definitely captivate you is the food. They have really good and quite affordable restaurants which also attracts tourists to the city. Living to Miami, you’ll need to know how to spend your money wisely on food to avoid being broke fast.

13# The Beaches Are Quite Far From Residential Areas

Many people visit or move to Miami because of their famous beaches but they are far from residential areas. Well except you have the money to rent expensive houses closer to the beach. You might only visit the beach once in 2 months because of the stress to get there. Apart from the distance, most times when you finally arrive at the beach, finding a parking space is always difficult.  It might take you at least another 35 minutes of your time.

14# Miami Is Huge

A lot of people who don’t live in Miami think that famous areas define how big it is.  There are tons of places in Miami that people don’t know about because they’re not famous enough. There are a lot of other sides in Miami that people don’t even know about. This is why Uber is quite expensive in the city. Living in Miami, you need to get used to areas and choose the ones that will make movement easier for you If you’re thinking about moving to Miami.

15# Most Miamians Don’t Keep To Time!

Never take most Miamians word when it comes to keeping to time. They’ve gotten so used to “Miamians time” and so they hardly ever keep to time. If you agree to meet with someone by 5 pm, just be ready to receive them by 7 pm. You’ll get used to their time soon enough don’t worry; it’s the Miami lifestyle.

16# Miami Driver Are Not So Responsible

Before moving to Miami if you’re used to yelling at irresponsible drivers on the road then just get ready to lose your voice. Miamians are so used to diving in really annoying ways especially when it comes to signaling before changing lanes. They literally just switch forgetting that there are other cars on the road. Living in Miami, you’ll need to drive carefully because even if it’s their fault, they’ll blame you for any damage.

17# Most Miamians Are Not Selfless

Even though Miamians have lots of friends, it doesn’t hide the fact that most of them are really selfish. If you don’t have flashy cars or clothes, they act superior to you. Living in Miami, you need to not care too much about how people act. Taking it too personal will make you upset and you can’t do anything about it.

18# Most Miamians Follow Trends

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You cannot talk about the Miami lifestyle without talking about trends. Miamians know how to keep up with latest trends. Well, it’s quite funny that sometimes they work so hard just to get the latest clothes and be in style. Well, the cost of living is affordable! Most of them live an extravagant and false life just because they want to move with the ‘rich gang’.

19# There’s A Lot Of Constructions

If you’re thinking about moving to Miami, It’s almost like the number of buildings that are under construction never get finished. You can hardly find an area with less than 3 construction sites! This gets annoying because sometimes it affects easy public routes so

20# There’s A Lot Of Hot People

You cannot talk about Miami without talking about hot guys and ladies. It’s almost as if everyone in Miami was born to have a bomb body. Miamians are beautiful and you can easily get carried away. If you thought that Miami was a good place for you to get into a serious relationship, it’s not. Most Miamians aren’t the serious relationship types and well, you can’t blame them. With good looking people walking around, it’s also hard to be loyal.

The Miami lifestyle is interesting and fun no doubt but there’s a serious side to it too. Miami is just like any big city but you shouldn’t mistake their way of life for any other city. Moving to Miami and Living in Miami, there’s almost never a dull moment! Some specific information that you’ve gotten from this article should be enough to direct you on the Miami lifestyle.